Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Anna Martinez's Amateur Whoppers

Unknown Anna Martinez has famously delightful boobs.Part of the goal of this blog is to bring new faces and juggy girls to the fore, and I think this is a good find... her name is Anna Martinez and I've only seen her at a few sites.

First of all there's a weird little niche or fetish happening with Martinez that isn't just the fascination with her big wondrous boobs, such as the gallery of her at Big Tits, Curvy Asses.

The first site I caught her at was MidgetCum. Seriously. And the "star" of the site is the midget guy, so Martinez participates only in a few sets of pics and videos.

Then there's The Amputee. No, seriously. The star of that site is a guy with his left-leg amputated. Ok, so, it's a fetish - or something.

A more regular type of "guy" focussed site where you get to see more of Anna Martinez is The Boss XXX. This one is more about submissive or even abusive type of domination, which isn't my thing too much, but there she is... ahem.

Martinez is apparently a real life bartender and has no porn experience. She comes off as having fun with her midget and amputee guys and seems really set for becoming a big-tit latina, if she applies herself to more shoots.

Luckily all the sites above can be joined at once through IncrediblePass so the process to get what could be the only collection of Anna Martinez pictures and galleries doesn't have to be too annoying!

Feel free to post any new beautiful breasts you come across here or anyone you feel is missing from this blog.

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